Stepping up when the world is under threat

The food industry, pharma companies, the energy sector… The pandemic has affected gas supply, which is critical for these essential sectors to continue their operations. Our assets: our proximity to our customers, large and small, and our in-depth knowledge of their needs. At plants, our teams have adapted their supply chain to ensure the continuity of services and have refocused operations on the production of gas necessary for these sectors.

In the Middle-East, during 2020 spring, borders have become difficult to cross due to travel restrictions. With exceptional logistical and human resources, we organized the continuity of the delivery of our gases from the production sites in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in order to continue to serve our customers notably hospitals, the food sector and water treatment industries.


Vice President in charge of the Middle - East & India hub, Industrial Merchant activity and Health care, May 2020