Factsheet 10 : Taxation



[Updated on April 27, 2020]

How to declare your 2020 income tax on your 2019 income?

The elements of taxation in this factsheet apply to French residents for tax purposes.

When you fill out your tax return in 2020, you will have the choice between the 30% flat tax and the current mechanism for the taxation of your investment income, including dividends received in 2019 and capital gains made in 2019.

Choice of taxation method

You may choose a different taxation mechanism each year and this mechanism will apply to all of your investment income. Air Liquide therefore advises you to assess your overall taxation of dividends and capital gains from sales using both methods before making your decision.

Capital gains tax on sales

Flat tax (by default): 30%

Social contributions: 17.2% on all capital gains, without deduction

Regardless of the acquisition date of shares

Income tax: 12.8% on capital gains without deduction


I opt for income tax, on a progressive scale

Social contributions: 17.2% of all capital gains, without deduction

Shares acquired before 01/01/2018

Progressive scale of income tax after the application, where applicable, of a deduction for seniority(a)

Shares acquired after 01/01/2018

Progressive scale of income tax without the application of a deduction for seniority

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Tax on capital gains and losses on sales of investment securities must be paid to the tax authorities in September 2020.

(a) The deduction stands at 50% for a share seniority of between two and less than eight years, 65% for share seniority of at least eight years.