Factsheet 2 : Stock orders


Stock orders

How can I buy shares?

  • From your financial institution: your Air Liquide shares are placed in a securities account or a share savings plan and managed by your financial institution.
  • From Air Liquide, directly via your personal online Account (see Factsheet 5) or by contacting Shareholder Services: your Air Liquide shares are placed in a direct registered securities account and managed by Air Liquide Shareholder Services.


To trade on the stock exchange, you can place an order with your regular financial intermediary or with Air Liquide.

Different stock orders exist, the most frequently used are as follows:

1. “Limit price” order 

You set a maximum buy or minimum sell order (limit). The buy order is executed only when the market price is lower than or equal to this limit and the sell order when the market price is higher than or equal to this limit. The order may be partially executed if the quantity of negotiable shares on the market is not available at the set limit price.

2. “Best price” order

You did not specify an exact price. The order will be executed at the best price available when it reaches the market, for both buy and sell orders. The order may be partially executed if the quantity of negotiable shares on the market is not available at this best price.

3. “Market price” order 

There is no price limit on this order. This order is given priority over all other types of orders. It is fully executed.

Enjoy a reduced brokerage rate by placing your stock orders online.

Air Liquide Shareholder Services Advisor


Air Liquide share as at December 31, 2019

Continuous trading on EURONEXT Paris (COMPARTMENT A)

  • Value Code:ISIN FR0000120073
  • Par value: €5.50
  • Number of shares; 473,105,514 shares
  • Closing price: €126.20
  • Market capitalization: €59,706M
  • Weighting in the CAC 40 index: 4.44%
  • Weighting in the EURO STOXX 50 index: 2.22%


When you hold shares that are registered directly with Air Liquide, you can place your stock market orders via your personal online Account(a), and thus benefit from a reduced brokerage rate of 0.10% before tax instead of 0.18% before tax for purchases paid in full by SEPA automatic debit(b) or by bank card(c), as well as for sales.

(a) Subject to having signed an account agreement. Only applicable to accounts with full ownership.
(b) Only if the account is domiciled in the SEPA zone.
(c) For purchases below €3,000